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The Secret Life of Pretext D. Enthroning, Yeti at large

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


11/11 DJ Pan!X PlaylisT~


11/11 DJ Pan!X PlaylisT~

Pogues: The Sickbed of Cuchulainn
Leonard Cohen: Chelsea Hotel No. 2
Gloria Darlings: Fool's Gold
Spacedog: Owl Club
Foetus: Kid Hate Kid
Vagabondage: Second Heart
The Donnas: I Don't Wanna Go
Every Idle Word: Crumbs
Didjits: House on Haunted Hill
Little Richard: She's Got It
Autonomadic: Sickness
Teen Cthulhu: Fucking with Death
Early Man: Brain Sick
Russ Seger: She Always Said
Socket Set: From the Mad West
Alice Coooper: The Congregation
Gang of Four: Natural's Not in It
Geezer Lake: Aporia
Mon Frere: You Don't Mind
One-Eyed Doll: Recipe 4 Success
Tricky: Brand New You're Retro
Fastbacks: Set Me Free
Mighty Imperials: Thunder Chicken
Parasite: Crazy

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Aug 28- DJ pan!x playl!st~


Aug 28- DJ pan!x playl!st~

Eliza Rickman: Start with Goodbye, Stop with Hello
Calexico: Sonic Wind
Flat Duo Jets: Tell Django
Flaming Stars: A Little Bit Like You
Doors: You Make Me Real
Jerry's Kids: Raise the Curtain
Beekler: Pain
Vortex OST: Black Box Disco
Kinks: Funny Face
Project Pitchfork: Temper of Poseidon
Charming Snakes: Love Life
The Cult: The Crypt
Trash Talk: Lepers to Feed the Lepers
Paul Rever & the Raiders: Just Like Me
Electric Hellfire Club: Lucifer Sam
Chicken Hawks: Foghorn's Blues
Harvey Danger: Cream and Bastards Rise
Rancid: Road Block
My Bloody Valentine: Only Shallow
Magazine: About the Weather
Alice Cooper: Life & Death of the Party
JR Ewing: An Offer You Can't Refuse
Good News from France: Sock
Geoff Muldaur: Downtown Blues
Cheap Trick: Day Tripper
Hot Hot Heat: Aveda
Parliament: Chocolate City
Phantom Limbs: Jointly Stranded
Metro Stylee: Destroy
Chrome Cranks: Rubber Rat
Damned: I Just Can't Be Happy Today
LickGodlenSky: Breakfast
Mike Watt: Finger-Poining-Man
Elvis Costello: Poison Moon (demo)
Seeds: Excuse Excuse
Didjits: Turn It Up
Asphalt: Dark Dreams
Flamin' Groovies: Yes It's True
Spahn Ranch: Test My Reaction
Cramps: Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs
Voyagers: Away
Soundgarden: Somewhere
MIA: FIre FIre
Murder City Devils: Rum to Whiskey
Ghost Power!!!: Give It Up
Ronnie Dawson: Sick & Tired
Insteps: Shotgun Jimmy
Sonic Youth: Purr (acoustic/Mark Goodier version)
Swans: Unfortunate Lie
Cinema Cinema: Lady Abortion
Demented are Go!: Where You Gonna Go
Brute Force: Conjugation
Slow Poisoner: See That My Grave is Kept Clean

Thursday, May 10, 2012

6:22AM - May 9th DJ Panix Playlist~

May 9th DJ Panix Playlist~

Doubtful Nonagenarians: Let Us Go Then
Air: J'ai Dormi Sous L'eau
Night Porter: Easy Action
Gary Myrick & the Figures: She Talks in Stereo
Distillers: Sick of It All
Aces Over Kings: Caffiene
The Riot Before: Back Stage Room
Rancid: Avenues & Alleyways
Distance: And If
17 Pygmies: Celestina XXX
Arid Sea: Weighed Against a Feather
Beat Happening: Bonfire
Beatles: Yesterday
Cult with No Name: Raise a Glass
Tripwires: The Soundalike
Chrome Cranks: 50's French Movie
Big Black: I Can be Killed
Beau Brummels: Laugh, Laugh
The (Paul Collins) Beat: Walking Out on Love
Quorthon: Major Snooze
Nomeansno: I've Got a Gun
Alice Cooper: When Hell Comes Home
Metro Stylee: Destroy
Frank Zappa: Twenty Small Cigars
MIA: Galang
Ventures: Hawaii Five-0
Phoenix Foundation: Buffalo
Velvet Underground: Sunday Morning
Violent Femmes: Telephone Book
AC/DC: Shake a Leg
Thelonius Monk: Suburban Eyes
Clinic: The Vulture
Blood Circus: My Dad's Dead
Black Flag: Sinking
Pixies: Gigantic (12" version)
Visceral Stasis: Dystopia
Nine Inch Nails: No, You Don't
Desiderii Marginis: A Bolt Out of the Blue
Pan Pan: Calvin Frank Thomas
The Doors: Runnin' Blue
Napoleons: Frustration
Crumbs: There Goes Another
Portishead: Roads
The Bismarck: Mercury's Iron Heart
The Teardrop Explodes: Passionate Friend
Pain Teens: Drowning
Black Sabbath: Orchid
Atari Teenage Riot: Revelation Action
Thornetta Davis:  Cry
Lag Wagon: Laymens Terms
Cinch: Killer Fog
Face to Face: Everything is Everything
Royal Crown Revue: Park's Place
Botox Aftermath: Liars

Sunday, April 15, 2012

11:07AM - Apr 14 DJ PAnix PLaylist!~

Apr 14 DJ PAnix PLaylist!~

David Bowie: Absolute Beginners
June: Patrick
Bloodhag: Henry Kutner & CL Moore
Coal: Sacrifice
William S Burroughs: Interlude 3
12 Rounds: Something's Burning
Rhea's Obsession: Mortal Ground
Joy Division: Warsaw
Lou Reed: Coney Island Baby
Barry Adamson: Hungry Ants
Rhubarb Whiskey: Ride On
The Donnas: Too Fast for Love
Ramones: I Won't Let it Happen
Arid Sea: Passage
Unearth: Endless
3rd Bass: Al'z A-B-Cee'z
Life in your Way: Threats of Sincerty
Andrew Crowley: Weighed Against a Feather
Wesley Willis: The Poppies
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Pretty Little Ditty
Lily Allen: Not Big
Seventh Star: Brood of Vipers
Weirdos: I'm Not Like You
Volunteers: King Bee
Depo Provera: Liquid Personality
Barnes & Barnes: Linoleum
Underdog: Friends Like Them
Replacements: Nobody
Lemon Party: For Relaxing Times
Felt: Grey Streets
AC/DC: The Jack
Corrosion of Conformity: Fuel
Boris the Sprinkler: Statutory Rock
System of a Down: Toxicity
Sledgeback: Heat
Voodoo Organist: Beethoven Goes Berserk
Bottledog: ikal

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

6:55AM - Ghoulie Girlie Interview for Sepiachord

Rhubarb Whiskey are San Francisco's murder-ballad mavens. Recently I took my life in my hands by interviewing Emchy and Sizzle from this hard drinkin, hard livin outfit... here's the results...

Sepiachord: For the un-initiated, what is Rhubarb Whiskey like?
Emchy: Sad cowboy songs with jumpin basslines, tunes you can drink to in your favorite dive bar that make you laugh and cry at once, there's something full of longing, sadness, as well as rowdy and untethered joy - and that might just be in one song. I recently heard us called gothabilly, punky tonk and the country Dresden Dolls. Personally to me I think we're that soundtrack to that amazing night you had with your best friends where you wake up bruised in the morning and you're not sure what happened, but you know it was damn good.

SC: How does the band differ from other "alt country" groups?
Emchy: Well I think for all of our murder ballads and heartbreak songs we still have a huge sense of humor. For a while we had a joke that on every recording somewhere had to be this goofy drunken laugh that I get, and honestly our outtakes still crack me up. We take the music seriously but we have a lot of fun. I don't know if that makes us different, but it's what keeps us going.

SC: Is it hard to get gigs in San Francisco?
Emchy: It's not too hard. We love to play and we love to record so we just try to strike a balance. I think the best way to get shows is to connect with other musicians and create a community of people you like to play with. Well that and playing your music for people. Our first two gigs came just from playing a song for a couple of friends and a week later we got some calls.

SC: When did you put the group together and what lead you to the murder-ballad americana route?
Emchy: We formed the band on April 22, 2008. Boylamayka and I were watching Rio Bravo on one of our regular drinkin nights and we decided to try and both play around with the old americana tune 'Rye Whiskey' and to record a song that he had been working on. We'd been musical pals for a while and I loved what he had done for songs with his punk band Subincision, so I was pretty excited. The tune he wrote was super hoppin' and seemed like one of those classic drinkin' songs right away. I was an immediate fan but suggested we try it in minor, Sorrows Drowned was born that night, though the neighbors weren't too happy that it took us until 3am to get it right.

SC: When did the current version of Rhubarb Whiskey coalesce?
Emchy: we've had pretty few changes since we started. The biggest one being adding Sizzle La Fey to the line up. He came on in the summer of 2010 to guest on a few tracks that thought needed fiddle for the new full length album and as soon as we three played together that was it. Chemistry boom. We kept on getting to know each other for a few months to be sure and then initiated him officially into the band with a top secret hazing ritual.

SC: Your background is in the spoken word scene, what comes first for you: the lyrics or the tune?
Emchy: I guess that one's for me. In truth, more often than not the words come first. I have a pile of lyrics waiting for melodic homes that may or may not ever become something. The convenient part of that is when we have a tune that feels like it's going somewhere I'm always shuffling papers and yelling eureka or other various expletives. It's pretty great when all of a sudden we're all jamming during practice and a great tune is born and we can just shuffle through the word archives to see if one fits.

SC: When did you start playing accordion?
Emchy: I started playing accordion in the fall of 2008 after seeing Yankee Sheila (an offshoot of the Dandelion Junk Queens), Mark Growden, and Jason Webley perform, all within about two week of each other. I was officially inspired and so I got an accordion and just decided to see what would happen. The other cool thing for me is that I've learned to play some upright bass while in Rhubarb Whiskey - I didn't make it onto the record, but knowing how the instrument feels to play helps when we're putting together the songs.

SC: Author Poppy Z Brite proved lyrics to the tune "Bears in the Lot" that appears on your new CD, "Cautionary Tales". How did you hook up with him?
Emchy: Poppy and I have known each other for a while in an online context. Right when we were recording the album and I was blogging about it a fair bit, he posted lyrics to a hypothetical country ballad that he had written on a lark. I asked if we could have permission to give it a go for real and put it on the album if it worked out. Everyone involved is pretty happy with how it turned out.

SC: How was recording "Cautionary Tales" different than tackling your previous EP?
Emchy: There was more whiskey, more good microphones, and more broken glasses by far. We also worked a lot longer on it. The EP was a quick and dirty experiment done on a couple of Sundays and a few more late Wednesday nights. We started recording Cautionary Tales in July of 2010 and finished the recording and mixing in May of 2011. We really let ourselves have time to play around with arrangements, adding instruments, trying alternate takes, and just experimenting with what might happen.
Sizzle: Well I also dabble in recording, so we were able to use my set up for this album. We had a few more channels to play with, so we could layer additional tracks to spice it up with percussion or other things. The core tracks are all a live group recording, though, because we didn't want to lose the organic feel of the EP.

SC: Would your music be as good with out being alcohol fueled?
Emchy: Yes, I think the music would be as good, and (god forbid) any of us get sober I'm sure we'll keep making music together. That said, I don't think any of us are really interested in testing that out anytime soon.

SC: Besides high-octane hard-liquor, what inspires you?
Emchy: Friendships, love, the ocean, coffee, anything that shifts how you see the world. Just yesterday I wrote a song about a sasquatch based on a text message from Boylamayka about a reality tv show - so it could be anything. You just have to be willing to let inspiration hit.

SC: What keeps you up late at night?
Emchy: Coffee, friends, train whistles, New Orleans, and planning for tours.

SC: Where do you think Rhubarb Whiskey is headed?
Emchy: Towards the gutter or the stars, I'm never quite sure.

SC: Any words of advice for young people?
Emchy: Just fucking go for it. You're never as good or as bad as you think, so why not just try. You're the only one who can actually stop you from getting your dreams. Lots of people will tell you no, so you have to always tell yourself yes, often you'll get away with it.
Sizzle: Go into investment banking, stay there for 12 years or until you have 30 million. Then retire and start a band.

Rhubarb Whiskey~

Images for interview here:

Video embed here:

6:46AM - Ghoulie Girlie: Movie Review for (sic) Things

"Black Death" (2010)

When the background of a film is the BUBONIC PLAGUE you know you're not in for a barrel of laughs...

... What you do get with Christopher Smith's "Black Death" is a belly-full of belief that becomes control and justice that is actually wrath.
The movie is grim and gritty as it casts it's eye back on the unpleasant past as it points a finger at our unpleasant present.

I have to give points to the film for evoking both 1968's "Witchfinder General" and "The Wickerman" from 1973.
"Black Death" also manages to create one of the most memorable film villains in recent memory. Actually make that *2* of the most memorable villains... actually THREE now that I come to think of it... wait... maybe it's 10... or 20... or almost every single member of the cast!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

7:05AM - Ghoulie Girlie: SC Review

Artist: The Builders and the Butchers
CD: "Dead Reckoning"

Despite hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Portland's Dead Reckoning is essentially an album that translates the Southern Gothic into sound. Acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, drums, organ, melodica, and bass pound out a percussive take on old time Americana, while vocalist Ryan Sollee delivers story-after-benighted-story in a Collin Meloy-esque croak-croon. And that's the real key to The Builders and the Butchers' appeal: the musical storytelling. Listening to Dead Reckoning is like having a front-row seat to a dustbowl tent revival, a front-porch family recitation, and the kind of murder ballad yarns that get told in the back rooms of rough taverns.

The album's lyrical fixation on fathers and sons, the untamed sea, religion, addiction, and radical evil and radical good underline and re-imagine a particularly apocalyptic moment in the American experience of the early twentieth century. The album's title refers to an old method of sea navigation that is used to chart both past position and current trajectory. I can't help but think that The Builders and the Butchers are drawing a potent musical comparison between our current age and a similarly-troubled moment in the past with this album; as much as we like to distance ourselves from the hardships we assign to an antiquated age—all in the name of progress—perhaps the horrors given vent in songs such as “Rotten to the Core,” “Lullaby,” and “Black Elevator” speak more to a new depression on the horizon.

The Builders and the Butchers~

Review by Jack Shear

Sunday, February 19, 2012

6:13AM - Feb 17th DJ PANIx PLAYLISt~



Husker Du: She’s a Woman(and Now He’s a Man)
!Tchkung!: Picture of the Riot Zone
Danzig: Hammer of the Gods
The Doors: Take It as It Comes
Toy Dolls: I’m a Telly Addict!
PiL: Disappointed
Smugglers: Amnesia
No Longer Human: Intro
Pansy Division: Groovy Underwear
Kinks: Old Lazy Sun
Toasters: Goody, Goody
Prince: Baby I’m a Star
Brainiac: Go Freaks Go
Dillenger Four: Bite the Curb, Bite the Curb
Wesley Willis: Arnold Schwarzeneggar
Dee Dee Ramone ICLC: Curse on Me
Alloy: Reading Blind
David J: Man of the World
Zeke: Punk Rock Records
Trots: Walk the Plank
Vanishing: Obituary
Demonika & the Darklings: Morphine Dreams
Smokejumper: Don’t Change
Boris the Sprinkler: Homicide
Revolting Cocks: Beers, Steers & Queers
Destruction Island: Holy Waters
17 Pygmies: Celestina XXIX
Necromancers: Artful Advertising
Killcreeps: Renfield’s Dream

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

8:23AM - Ghoulie Girlie: Sepiachord review

Artist: Eli August
CD: "The Bottom of the Sea"


Eli August follows up his "Let this House Burn Slowly" full length with a beautifully packaged ep entitled "The Bottom of the Sea".

Eli continues to do what he excels at: crafting striking and melancholic folk songs carried by his distinctive voice. Of the six tracks on "The Bottom of the Sea" two are the clear standouts:
"Waves" manages to build a creepy background chant into a disharmony that wormed its way into my head.
And "Steady" which musically covers familiar Eli August territory but marries it to a positive mindset that is at odds with much of his recorded work. Two excellent pieces.

My quibble here is that Eli rises best when he has a bit more instrumentation to round out the production, it seems to bring out the striving in his voice that much more. As such I hope to hear the background musicians brought up a bit in future productions, when they're present on this set they're too buried.

Eli August~


Feb 5th DJ Panix Playlist~

Split Lip Rayfield: Honestly
Morphine: You Look Like Rain
Fuckface: Disneyland
Cinema Cinema: Day-Lease
Subhumans (Canada): Inquisition Day
Misfits: Hybrid Moments
Ted Leo & Pharmacists: The Crane Takes Flight
Slim Harpo: I'm Gonna Miss You Like the Devil
Swans: Surrogate
Automaton: Open Up Amnesia
Doors: Break on Through
Abolitionist: Tin & Gasoline Cans
Billy Bragg: Seven & Seven Is
Young Fresh Fellows: Two Headed Fight
Propagandhi: Anti Manifesto
Joe Meek: Telstar (demo)
Chuck Jackson: You Better Move On
Evan Johns & H-Bombs: Madhouse
Toy Dolls: Lazy Sunday Afternoon
Pailhead: Man Should Surrender
Derelicts: Born to Kill
Webb Wilder: Horror Hayride
Terror Couple: This is Spokane, Fuck LA
Alice Cooper: Man of the Year
Hi-Fye: Rockin' Bird
Mekons: Not a Bitter Man (Born to be Mild)
Liquid Pink: The Day You Went Insane
Phantom Patient: Phantom Patient
Wool: Kill the Crow
Shriekback: Exquisite Corpse
Frontline Assembly: Mutate
Comeback Kid: Wake the Dead
Rasputina: This Little Piggy
Pink Floyd: Sysyphus Part Two
Haunted: 1-2-5

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

10:41PM - Feb 5th DJ Panix Playlist~

Feb 5th DJ Panix Playlist~

Split Lip Rayfield: Honestly
Morphine: You Look Like Rain
Fuckface: Disneyland
Cinema Cinema: Day-Lease
Subhumans (Canada): Inquisition Day
Misfits: Hybrid Moments
Ted Leo & Pharmacists: The Crane Takes Flight
Slim Harpo: I'm Gonna Miss You Like the Devil
Swans: Surrogate
Automaton: Open Up Amnesia
Doors: Break on Through
Abolitionist: Tin & Gasoline Cans
Billy Bragg: Seven & Seven Is
Young Fresh Fellows: Two Headed Fight
Propagandhi: Anti Manifesto
Joe Meek: Telstar (demo)
Chuck Jackson: You Better Move On
Evan Johns & H-Bombs: Madhouse
Toy Dolls: Lazy Sunday Afternoon
Pailhead: Man Should Surrender
Derelicts: Born to Kill
Webb Wilder: Horror Hayride
Terror Couple: This is Spokane, Fuck LA
Alice Cooper: Man of the Year
Hi-Fye: Rockin' Bird
Mekons: Not a Bitter Man (Born to be Mild)
Liquid Pink: The Day You Went Insane
Phantom Patient: Phantom Patient
Wool: Kill the Crow
Shriekback: Exquisite Corpse
Frontline Assembly: Mutate
Comeback Kid: Wake the Dead
Rasputina: This Little Piggy
Pink Floyd: Sysyphus Part Two
Haunted: 1-2-5

Friday, February 3, 2012

12:20AM - (sic) Things Movie note

Deathstalker (1983)

Roger Corman rips of Conan and presents a film with a STUNNING amount of topless ladies. Seriously I can't ever remember a film with so many exposed breasts. In other high points: a pig-headed dude and two sisters mud wrestling. The next time someone asks me what the 80s were like I may just have them watch this film.

12:18AM - Ghoulie Girlie- (sic) Things Movie note

Deathstalker II (1987)

5 years seems like a long time to go before making a sequel to a lousy film, but here it is any way.
The biggest surprise is not that they didn't get the original Deathstalker numbskull to reprise his role it's the decision to play the material off as comedy/affectionate parody.
... The acting is bad, of course. And, while scantily clad in leather & furs, the women are almost never topless. Strangely enough this film's portrayal of "strong warrior women" seems almost MORE sexist than the objectification of the first film.
The oddest thing though is that this film it is (inexplicably) more watchable than the first.

The high point may be the "metal" weapons, which are clearly WRAPPED IN ALUMINUM FOIL.

12:17AM - Ghoulie Girlie- (sic) Things Movie note

The Thaw (2009)

This film is some kinda ecological warning/dangers of global warming piece, or something. It is really, really bad.
I've seen lots of crappy flicks, so I know from bad. This is bad.
... It's as if the "director" had NEVER ACTUALLY SEEN A HORROR MOVIE IN HIS LIFE, but thought "How hard can it be?".
This is a bad film.
Very Bad.

12:16AM - Ghoulie Girlie- (sic) Things Movie note

The Warrior and the Sorceress (1984)

Even though it is infamous for it's nudity & violence this flick has less of both than Deathstalker (from the previous year). Heck when it comes to toplessness it's even lower on the scale than Deathstalker II.
It does try to make up for this lapse in a couple of wa...ys:
1- It's not surprising that the titular Sorceress is unshirted while in captivity, what is notable is that SHE NEVER EVER bothers to put on a top for the rest of the film. So she wanders about doing hero things sans-top. The end result is wallpaper-invisibility for her breasts, an uncommon feat to say the least.
2- To make up for the low number of topless women they opt to give extra breasts to a single woman (total of four). (No she's not played by the same actress from Total Recall, I checked). So said dancing, topless, mutli-mammoried lady attempts to kill the protagonist who is played by David Carradine. His response? He chokes her to death. David Carradine. Chokes a topless woman. To Death. She has 4 breasts. To death.

What puts this film leather & sword above other barbarians and sorcery flicks (other than the good-guy sorceress) is that David Carridine can actually wield a sword *and* deliver a line, even though he's not trying very hard.
Also the "writer" had the good sense to rip off Yojimbo and have Kain (yes Kain) play the two "gang" leaders off against each other.
The end result is something that actually may be called a "movie".

12:14AM - Ghoulie Girlie- (sic) Things Movie note

Barbarian Queen (1985)


This film is about (allegedly) Roman dickweeds facing off against hero/badass women with swords.
First: there's absolutely nothing Roman about the badguys so let's just drop that nonsense now.
... Worst: This movie about rape. The first scene is about rape. Every female character is raped and/or killed and/or tortured. I'm not the smart guy but I'm pretty sure that you can show that women can be badass sword wielders without sexually assaulting and humiliating them. I can't even imagine anyone accepting this as a premise for a film if all of the heroes were men.
Oh, while I'm on the topic of men, big handsome dudes show up at the end to help the ladies defeat the badguys. Of course.
The whole experience was depressing and I regret watching it. What's more depressing? Check out this blurb from Wikipedia regarding Barbarian Queen II:
"neither the plot nor the characters had anything to do with the original Barbarian Queen film, other than casting Lana Clarkson in the title role and having multiple scenes in which she is bound naked to a rack and tortured in a nod to the original movies' impact scene".
It seems *this* scene is what has made the film a "cult classic", how freakin sad is that? And there's the claim that there was "grass-roots pressure to produce a third installment". Triple sad.
This movie is crap, please move along.

12:10AM - Ghoulie Girlie- (sic) Things Movie note

L'Illusionniste (2010)

From the same director that brought us the amazing Triplets of Belleville, The Illusionist is a gorgeous piece of work that is both charming and strikingly bitter-sweet. This isn't kids animation, it's a film that happens to be animated. Beautifully. The stunning, yet melancholy palate makes me wish that director Chomet was given a chance to do an animat...ed version of the Hobbit.

The story revolves around the a stage magician at the end of his career as he looks to find work, and finds a young Scottish girl instead. A girl who believes that he really can do magic.

The Illusionist is simultaneously a love letter from a father to a lost daughter and a long goodbye to the days of variety theatre as it was replaced by television and budding pop music.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

6:00AM - Ghoulie Girlie: Sepiachord CD review

Artist: Groovy Wallpaper
CD: "Groovy Wallpaper
Self Released


Groovy Wallpaper is a two man project; Skip vonKuske (of Vagabond Opera fame) and Don Henson. The exact instruments they employ on Groovy Wallpaper's self-titled release is left a bit of a mystery (listed as "Strings. Apps." and "Batterie. Mallets." respectively), but knowing Skip his instrument of choice is Cello and Don sounds like he's focusing on on xylophone/marimba or something of the like. There's some electronics at work here, but the real third player on this collection is fearlessness, Groovy Wallpaper are making fun, challenging work that doesn't give a damn that it's not "pop" music.

Identifying what kind of music it is leads me to one assemble descriptors into what sounds like non-sense, until you hear the work. Groovy Wallpaper take jazz, electronics, prog (yes prog), a mellow-loungeness and ends up with what I can best describe as Post-Modern Spaceage Bachelor Pad Baroque Jazz. And it's frequently funky. And remarkably complex. The kind of complexity that rewards relistens, the kind of complexity that makes each listen a fresh experience. Yet this isn't an outing intent on "blowing your mind" with pointless displays of virtuosity. Don & Skip are amazingly talented gents, but they're more interested in creating compelling work than they are in desperately trying to prove how good they are. They're just damn good, and each subtle shift on "Groovy Wallpaper" illustrates that.


Groovy Wallpaper~

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